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Please do not forget Southwest Louisiana.

Autism Society Louisiana is partnering with Autism Society Southwest Louisiana to raise funds for basic supplies for Lake Charles and small communities surrounding Lake Charles, including Bell City, Hayes, Iowa Lacassine, Sulpher, Westlake and Welsh.

Monetary donations can be made directly to Autism Society Southwest Louisiana in Lake Charles at

Donations can also be made through the Autism Society of America's Emergency Relief Fund at:

Please indicate that your donation is for Autism Society Southwest Louisiana

Thank you for making a difference!

FEMA Office of Disability Integration and Coordination Our office helps FEMA deliver the agency's shared mission of helping people before, during and after a disaster in ways that maximize the inclusion of, and accessibility for, people with disabilities.

Food Assistance for Disaster Relief. If you think your household could be impacted by damages or lost wages due to a hurricane or other disaster, pre-register online or by phone for DSNAP. DSNAP provides eligible low- to moderate-income households - who do not normally receive SNAP benefits - with help buying groceries due to lost income or damages following a disaster.

FEMA Disaster Assistance

Disaster Recovery Centers (DRCs) are accessible facilities and mobile offices you can visit to learn more about FEMA and other disaster assistance programs. You may also visit to ask questions about your case. There are 13 DRCs open in Ascension, EBR, Iberia, St. Helena, St. Martin, Tangipahoa and W. Feliciana. Check on FEMA’s website or app to find the DRC closest to you. and

Accessible Housing: If you know of anyone who needs accessible housing get the following information and send to Jeanne Abadie at and she will compile the information to send to our state GOHSEP contact.


Damaged Address

Accessibility need

Contact information

FEMA application status (as best you have it)

Shelter at Home program. Allows people to safely live in their home while they take care of rebuilding their homes. Allowable immediate repairs include accessible features. Can get assistance with restoration of power, water and accessible features to make the home livable while it is being repaired. The state of Louisiana will publicize the website and phone number for this program on or before Monday, August 29, 2016. More information available at

Multifamily lease and repair. Might make potential rentals ready for survivors is also available. Property owners can get help with repairs offer leased housing to people. Accessibility features can be part of those repairs. More information is available at

Red Cross Assistance Line: If someone is not in a shelter and needs assistance, they can call the call center at 1-855-224-2490. This is a call for any needs, and specifically set up for people not in the shelters. This is not a crisis line.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) donations are to be coordinated with Jamie Karam at LATAN in Baton Rouge. LATAN has an agreement with ALS to use their warehouse to store all donated DME equipment. If you need a device from the above list, please contact LATAN at 225.925.9500 or 800.270.6185 to check current availability and make arrangements before you come out. LATAN's office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm. Please visit The AT Marketplace to view more available devices.

Medical Supplies. All donated medical supplies are being store at ALS warehouse in Baton Rouge. Med students have offered to help with deliveries.

Prescriptions. Medicaid will allow a 1-time 30 day prescription refill in emergencies.

Crisis Clean-UP is the best place to start to get help with cleaning out and gutting homes. Call 800-451-1954 or go to

Unlocking Autism has been fundraising for the flood disaster and looking to write grants to autism families affected needing supplies. They are having trouble finding families to apply. The woman’s name is Jennifer Brown 908-303-8708 (cell).

Spread the word to any families you may know that may have been affected by the floods.

Hurricane season will be upon us again before we know it. The Louisiana's Governor Office has a cell phone app called Get A Game Plan to help you be prepared.

It is available on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Are you registered to vote in Louisiana?

You can register to vote, view sample ballots and more at GeauxVote!

For those of you who did not get to attend the Parent Forum on October 23rd and were interested in further information, here is a link to the Autism Society Safe and Sound Program which has a great deal of useful information:

Here is another link to information on the Autism Speaks website related to ALEC (Autism and Law Enforcement Education Coalition). The two presenters Captain Bill Cannata and Sgt. Jimmy Donohoe present these Parent Forums coordinating with the Autism Society Safe and Sound Program. They hold forums for parents and train first responders.

Serenity Sensory Healing Miniature horses are used in the care of children with disabilities including autism.

Contact: Milissa Davis

Sunny Slopes Stables, L.L.C.

28394 Gaylord Drive

Walker, LA 70785

(225) 329-8917

ABA Access for Autism Inc.


ABA Access is a St. John’s based IT company that develops specialized interactive software that allows for the online delivery of applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy. Currently the company is focused on developing a suite of tools to facilitate ABA therapy in children with Autism.


Mark Gauci, Co-Founder and President

(709) 693-3020

Mark is especially interested in connecting with other ABA service providers in our area!  

Please share far and wide! 


Have you tried to get in-patient mental health care or Psychiatric care? 

 Has your child spent a lengthy time in the ER waiting for an in-patient bed? 

 Has your child been released from the ER without in-patient placement needed?

Have you called facilities to find in-patient care for your child only to be told they could not be accepted due to their other diagnoses?

If you answered yes to any of the above, please contact me at the information as soon as you can. Because some individuals have been turned away before even going to the hospital, there is not sufficient documentation of the need. 


CALL TODAY 504-300-5117

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